Laurie - Bridesmaid Locket Gift, Antique Brass Locket Necklace, Customised Locket Necklace

Dainty pink glass stone with antique locket on 16K gold plated chain. Full of romantic vintage charm! Perfect bridal party gift, as well as something beautiful for your mother, sister or best friends!

There are many other lockets we can work with. Design your own locket by choosing the stone and the locket you want! 

Locket can be opened and you can place a photo inside it.

Comes with a long chain of 25 inches. (16k Gold Plated).

We can also customise lockets for you, such as adding initials or other trinkets. Contact us for customisation! 

Choose from RG 1 - RG 23
Choose from lockets 1 - 15

$15.00 USD