Cotton Book Bag, Flower Tote Bag, Eco Market Bag, Teacher Tote Bag, White Wedding Bridesmaids Gift Bag, Shopping Bag, Handbag, Reusable Bag

This is a lovely book bag made of cotton, adorned with statement white flower and leaves. As you know here at Jewelsalem, we adore flowers and we incorporate them in our designs.  

This unique tote bag makes for a statement piece, be it for school, as a gift for someone you love, or weekend shopping at farmer's market!

Length of the handle: 70 cm
38 cm in width and 42 cm in length
100% cotton

We also welcome customisation, so contact us if you have something in mind!

Shipping & Care:
We will ship this bag rolled up, but in the process of transit, the flowers might be flattened. Simply steam the bag with your steamer-iron and gently fluff the flowers. Or pop the bag in the bathroom as you take a bath, the steam might also help restore the shape of the flowers.

$18.90 USD