• Tiffany Blue Wedding

    Tiffany blue is a popular color amongst brides. We have received quite a few requests for customising wedding hair combs and jewelry for Tiffany Blue Wedding in 2016! Here are some featured designs we have created :)

    For D, we designed a tiffany blue bridal comb, with rhinestone embellishments and silver leaves. 

    tiffany blue wedding hair comb

    For Cara, we made tiffany blue inspired earrings, in both studs and dangling designs, for herself and her bridesmaids! 

    tiffany blue mint earrings

    tiffany blue wedding earrings with opal glass

    For Tracy, cubic zirconia and tiffany blue sterling silver dangling earrings for herself and her maid of honor. Tracy also requested for a personalised bridal comb in the shades of tiffany blue, aquamarine, turquoise and mint. 

    sterling silver tiffany blue earrings, wedding earrings, turquoise theme

    tiffany blue wedding ideas

    We are indeed very grateful to have helped so many brides designed their wedding combs this year. Here's to a more creative and fulfilled 2017! Blessings to all our readers and clients :)

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  • A mid-autumn wedding in Singapore

    Recently we were tasked by Elaine from Singapore to create a large collection of Autumn Theme wedding hair combs for herself and her bridesmaids! It was such an interesting project, and we had great fun working with Elaine, who works in the creative industry and enthusiastically claims to have an eye for colors, which we also think so! 

    Elaine wanted to get married around mid-autumn festival and she adores purple and bright pink. Being Asian, she explains that white and black are colors often frowned upon as they are not auspicious for weddings. To please her mother, Elaine wanted to add some red to her wedding theme - which we find so thoughtful and sweet of her to do! 

    We were shown some pictures from Pinterest where Elaine gathers inspiration for her wedding, and this floral bouquet pretty much represents what she was looking for. 

    Singapore bridal bouquet, autumn wedding, red, pink, purple theme

    Pinterest credit here.

    Elaine also wanted "something blue" in the bridal and bridesmaids' combs, so we added a splash of cornflower blue to match the blue sea holly which Elaine really wanted to include in her bouquet. 

    Not a fan of gold, Elaine asked for silver leaves and some rhinestones to add bling. We are proud to say, we incorporated all of Elaine's requests for her wedding hair accessories! 

    Singapore, mid-autumn wedding colors, bespoke design by Jewelsalem

    Hope to see you around, Elaine! And here is wishing you all the very best! :)


    xo, Jewelsalem

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  • Free Gifts For This Holiday Season!

    It's the time of the year again, for joy and peace, and here at Jewelsalem, a bonus of free gifts! 

    Christmas Free Gifts at Jewelsalem

    All orders from 1 November to 1 January 2017 will receive an additional free gift! It could be earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, greeting cards with vouchers.... we love the element of surprise and will be adding these goodies randomly to all orders! 

    Even for those of you who have not placed an order, but would like to keep in touch, you could sign up for our newsletter, and we will also send over a little gesture of appreciation! 

    It's win-win-win for all supporters of Jewelsalem this holiday season as we give-give-and give! :D Hope to see all of you around! 

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  • Musing Monday - A Giant Has Fallen

    To my beloved grandfather, who left us on 5th November. Without you, I would not be where I am. Without your love, my world would have been colder. You will forever be in my heart and my prayers. 


    A giant has fallen, and a piece of the sky he used to hold up came crashing down. This giant walked the earth for almost a century. His path took him across oceans to new shores, he lived through horrible wars, encountered endless struggles, persevere through turmoil and hardship. All this while, remaining upright, never compromising on his morals. Finally he found a place to call home. He built roads, houses and schools, but didn't quite succeed in building a loving family. Who could blame him? For he was unloved and unwanted in his youth. Giants were born during the time when the world was a cruel and terrifying place. Not many understood the concept of love or joy. Yet in spite of that, this giant tried to live a righteous life and helped to make the world a better place.

    He did find love, but in his folly, squandered much of that away. Of nine children that he had, only one boy was as loyal and righteous has he had been. His third son. No matter how insensitive and brash the giant was, this boy still loved his father with all his innocent heart. The boy grew up strong in spirit and morals. The rest of the eight never learned to love the giant, even though he was their father. They grew up spineless and heartless, became corrupt and evil.

    Decades passed, and the giant was now old. He had lost his strength and became weak. His glorious days were now gone. His ungrateful children began to steal from him, treated him unkindly and fervently plotted his death for they had hated the giant all their lives. The old giant helplessly watched on, unable to stand up for himself. His only protector now was his third son, single-handedly wielding a blunt sword, fending off those circling jackals.

    The world was now a very different place, where good values like integrity and righteousness no longer were upheld and cherished. God looked down from heaven and decided to have mercy on the giant for even with all his flaws, the giant had done some good deeds in his younger years.

    To the giant and his sole protector, God sent them three gifts. One was a panda, steadfast and loving, to keep old giant company and bring him some forgotten joy by making him laugh. One was a big hawk, keenly watching over the giant and guarding him from predators and attackers. One was an intelligent white dog, so faithful and resourceful, helping the son solve every problem in his quest to protect the giant.

    In his old age, the giant learned about true love - he learned to love and be loved. He saw through all hearts - those who were kind and those who were evil. He learned to laugh - heartily and frequently. He finally experienced gratitude and humility.

    Finally after a long life of crests and troughs, he had atoned for all his sins. When God saw that the giant had learned all of life's lessons that He had intended for him, it was time to leave this world. "Dear God, thank you for your mercy and grace," the giant said humbly. "All I ask is to bid farewell to my beloved son, the hawk who had diligently guarded me, the panda and the white dog who had loved me so unconditionally." God agreed. On one rainy day morning, everyone gathered beside the giant as he looked at each of the faces he had come to love. And then, in a blink of an eye, he was gone, like a mist, leaving behind all who had loved him in tears.

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  • Holiday Shopping Gift Ideas

    Need ideas for holiday gifts?

    swarovski crystal tiny birthstone necklace

    End of the year is always a great time for gift-giving and of course, receiving gifts in return!

    Here at Jewelsalem, we have been busy designing new jewelry each day, and adding them to the shop.

    antique silver locket patina floral carving personalised initial

    Keep a look out for daily additions of chic earrings, quaint lockets and unique birthstone necklaces.

    starfish locket necklace

    We also have a daily promotion blast on our Facebook page, announcing one deal everyday, so if you have not started following us, now is a good time to start! Before we end, here are three very special designs which we thought you might like :)

    Our Freedom Bird earrings can be customised with any color glass stones that you like! This is a great gift for mothers, grandmothers or even a role model whom you look up to. For the avid traveler who enjoys her freedom, this is also a meaningful gift! 

    Freedom bird earrings, mother jewelry, traveler gift

    Our dramatic Helena ombre stones earrings, cascading with shades of mint and teals, ending with a dainty small leaf is sure to win over anyone's heart. A limited edition design. It is super luxe, with gold filled ear hooks, this will be an awesome gift for any earring-lover! 

    luxurious gold filled cascading ombre stone earrings

    Lastly, our Etoile earrings, again customisable into any colors of your choice! The ear hooks are also available for upgrades, making this a versatile gift for your best friend, or sister! 

    statement navy blue stone earrings rhinestone setting

    And of course, if there is any jewelry you wish to customise, we will work with you on the designing. We are just an email away! :)

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  • One of the questions we frequently receive is regarding necklace chain length. Here at Jewelsalem, we offer a wide range of modern jewelry, with necklaces being a popular category!

    Our layered necklaces come in lengths of 16 inch to 35 inch, but as you know, we offer customisation, so we can adjust the lengths for our clients. 

    All our necklaces (and bracelets) are adjustable with an extension of 1.5 inches. We love how this allows for some flexibility for the wearer, and many of clients have commented on how great this option is - it comes at no extra cost! 

    We have asked our in-house graphic designer to come up with a fun way to inform buyers of necklace chain lengths. Here it is! 

    necklace length guide

    Tags: jewelry

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