• Our Muse

    We recently worked with Dragana from Belgium, who so kindly modelled our bridal robes and hair accessories! We love Dragana's style. It is vintage, with an old world charm. She looks really beautiful - whether wearing our design or other labels! Here we would like to share some photos from her in... View Post
  • Happy new year to all of you! What are you plans for 2018? Be it to start exercising to become healthier, learning a new skill or working on achieving your personal goals, we wish you all the best! One lesson I learn recently from Simon Sinek via this video is consistency is important, and in th... View Post
  • Tiffany Blue Wedding

    Tiffany blue is a popular color amongst brides. We have received quite a few requests for customising wedding hair combs and jewelry for Tiffany Blue Wedding in 2016! Here are some featured designs we have created :) For D, we designed a tiffany blue bridal comb, with rhinestone embellishments an... View Post